Pietro is the integrated solution to the Vedo digital archive, for the management of physical loans that works in parallel with their digital images.

It arises from the need to accurately and punctually trace the movements of caps, samples, fabric tests or any other element for which the return to the company is expected or for which it is worth tracing the destination of arrival.

Do you have a historical and cultural heritage of images and documents to enhance and protect?

Vedo is the best platform for the Cultural Heritage

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Create an exit loan from the physical archive.


Pietro | Android app.
Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface designed to speed up and simplify the user's work, it is possible to consult the loans, deadlines and all historical transactions in the dedicated section.

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Archive allocations

Visualizzare l’elenco dei cappellotti in una locazione, con la possibilità di inventariare l'intera cella.

Archive Map

Finding the location of a design you are looking for.