Modularity and integration, for a complete management of all company areas.

Experience in the field of textile finishing and our innate curiosity towards technological innovation come together in Venus: the software suite of excellence for the management of digital and traditional printing departments.

For a sector in continuous and frenetic evolution Bottinelli Informatica has studied a complete and flexible solution, able to meet the needs of a department that has to face new problems every day.

Venus follows all the steps from the arrival of the goods to the end of the production cycle.

Customizable solutions can be developed for each phase to adapt to each individual need. Different are the detection methods that Bottinelli Informatica has developed to allow detection to all devices, all PCs and Android PDAs.

Thanks to its flexibility in adapting to requests, Venus is able to manage from the simplest to the most complex operations.

Each single step of the production can be programmed by proposing processing times for each individual arrangement calculated from the survey history. For this reason, the data collected over the years constitute an asset for the company.

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Within the department specialized in digital printing, Venus over the years has interfaced with all the major manufacturers of printing machines in order to ensure automated detection of all production data.

Thanks to the integration of Venus with the digital printing department, it is possible to detect production costs including the consumption of dye, and any direct and indirect costs.
Cost detection is completely customizable according to the customer’s needs.

Venus allows the management of a dye warehouse starting from the detection of bag changes in the machine (dye refills), also allowing the traceability of dye batches.

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