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Vedo has set itself the goal of a complete and structured management of the drawings that allows a complete management of the Archive Heritage.

Vedo is the software that has allowed the most important and historic Como textile companies to manage their physical and digital archives, also allowing remote use through the Internet.

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Vedo provides a wide range of tools and features to unleash your creativity.

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Vedo functionality



From a Google-like perspective, free search combines practicality and speed with the exhaustiveness of the multi-result. Metadata (TAGS) also make searching more precise.


Advanced research allows refined searches, structured by criteria and on the intertwining of technical and stylistic data of the entire catalog.
The advanced search of the drawings takes place through the selection of one or more categories and with the insertion of parameterized rules.

The search criteria can be saved in parameter packages in order to speed up frequent searches.

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The search by similarity allows the search on the basis of the graphic aspects of an image present in the archive or uploaded if necessary, for example through a photograph taken on site.

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Check IN & Check OUT

The use of the archive will be possible only through the use of the Vedo interface.

A check-in and check-out logic will promptly track user requests, to avoid the simultaneous use of the same file, allowing access to digital resources exclusively by requesting Vedo.


Vedo’s cataloging architecture will simplify the management of the entire Archive, thanks to a well-structured technology.

Print Layout

The Print Layout is a tool that allows the creation and graphic customization of Templates for the generation of pdf prints.

Inside the Template it is possible to add pagination elements, archive elements or from external sources.

Vedo Print Layout

Initiatives and Loans

Vedo offers two essential tools for proposing collections: initiative and loan.
The initiative is a collection of drawings aimed at a personal purpose, notary or commercial office.

From the creation of an initiative it is also possible to generate a Loan which, thanks to an advanced management of contents through modern labeling systems (eg RFID), it is possible to obtain complete traceability.
Vedo also manages notifications of reminder, prompt return and loan expiration.

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2D Models

Vedo allows integration with 2D modeling, simulation and virtualization systems of the final product yield, allowing you to optimize product study times and immediately verify the actual result.

Vedo offers a vast gallery of 2D models to which each image in the archive can be applied.
By 2D model we mean a photograph of a real existing sample to which a graphic screening is applied in order to control the dressing effect with the fabric.

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